Buying A Stroller For Twins

Published: 10th February 2012
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When we have twin babies and we want to get a infant stroller, we are required to do some research before we purchase it. There are lots of different types of stroller available today and this can make picking the one most suitable for you exceedingly tricky.

Transporting our children safely is important to all of us and consequently the right stroller is also crucial. We want to think about how we are going to use our new stroller.

Stroller Use

Think about how regularly you will use the baby stroller and where you will typically be using it. For example; will it be used for day to day errands, transfers to and from a auto, indoors or outdoors, paved surfaces or rough terrain?

Where the stroller is going to be used will have a major influence on the type of stroller we end up choosing.

The other factors that will determine your decision will become easier after you have figured out the main places you will use it.

Stroller Dimensions

By size, we are not talking about seat size. How much space do you have in your auto? Will the stroller physically fit into the auto whenever it is folded? If your car is tiny, then it likely has a minor trunk. Are the wheels with no trouble removed? Removing the wheels can make all the difference.

Side by Side or Tandem

If you intend to use the stroller to go shopping, then a side by side stroller will be tough to manoeuvre through narrow isles. Tandem strollers are better for this type of use. The disadvantages of the tandem still are that the child in the rear seat has limited visibility.

Ease of Folding

Some strollers are extraordinarily hard to fold. Make sure to find one that folds without difficultly if you are going to be folding it a lot.

How heavy is the stroller?

Double strollers weigh more than single strollers Sometimes they can be impressively heavy. Heavier strollers ordinarily have better construction so they will last longer nonetheless you must be able to lift it. Make sure you can lift the stroller into your auto. What about going up and down stairs? Check the stroller's weight and make sure that you can lift it.

Stroller wheels

Larger wheels are smashing for going over bumps and rough terrain however they limit the manoeuvrability of the stroller. For paved surfaces, smaller wheels are better. Tires can be air filled or solid. Pneumatic (or air-filled) tires are softer for going over bumps. Solid tires will on no account have a puncture or go flat.


How easy is the stroller to push? It can be useful to take the stroller for a brief walk around the store before you purchase it. This way you can see what it is like to steer. It will also give you a sense of how broad the stroller is and if it is suited for you.


Check that there is a large canopy or sun shade that is easily adjusted. It is essential to hold the elements of your youngster and particularly to protect it from the sun. Make sure to test this feature before you buy a stroller.


On top of all of this you ought to look for how trouble-free it is to adjust the seats, handle height, canopy etc.

Cathy McGovern is a work at home mother with two children. With a background in management and marketing, she now works from home. She provides free, objective and unbiased reviews on baby strollers at Stokke Xplory Stroller or and Phil and Teds Verve.

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